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I'm willing to bet not one person that reads these articles has every heard of this company.  That's because 4 weeks before the ICAST show, the 2 partners were still making the lures in the President's garage using some old microwaves to melt the plastic.  These guys never intended on becoming a lure company; they started making lures to give themselves an edge on the highly competitive Florida tournament circuit.  Despite their best efforts to hide, people started hearing about their successes and began beating a path to their door.

As word spread, their days got longer trying to fill orders in their crude "factory".  Finally, they came to the crossroads where hobby and career meet, and they chose to take the leap of faith and try this thing as a career.  If the initial feedback is any indication that they chose the correct path, this will be a company that everyone will know about in the very near future.

They make numerous types of baits, all with a slightly different twist than what's currently on the market.  The have a 10" and 16" worm, and a "cigar" worm which they claim has a very unique action under the water.  These were not at the show with them, but the three products they did bring were impressive.  They have a solid body frog that will not roll over under any circumstance.  They went through 300 prototypes before settling on one design that did everything they wanted.  It has paddle type feet that made a nice kicking motion in the tank in their booth. 

They have a swimbait type lure called the Tomahawk that is extremely versatility. It's a solid soft plastic alure with thick curl tail that can be buzzed on top, used as a wake bait, swimbait, Carolina rigged, and even flipped.  It has a concave top that eliminates the need to skin hook the lure to prevent snags.  They claim the bait holds up extremely well as they have landed 10 to 12 fish before the bait starts to show it's battle scars.  The last lure they were highlighting is called the Ripper, which is similar in design to the Tomahawk, but much thinner.  This lure is meant to be used as a speed worm or a soft jerkbait.  In heavy current, it has even been successful on the business end of a Texas Rig.

I managed to pry a few samples out of their hands and spent about an hour or two playing with the Tomahawk when I returned home.  I rigged the bait on a 5/0 EWG hook as they suggested and started slinging.  I tested it as a buzzbait first and found it stayed on top with a very slow retrieve, slower in fact than any traditional buzzbait I ever used.  And in about 20 casts, I managed to miss 5 fish that blew-up on it.  I'll take some of the blame and I'll blame small fish for rest of the problems, but I think I would like to try some of the specialty swimbait hooks with a monstrous gap to eliminate a few strikes that I think I should have been able to land.  It is a fairly substantial piece of plastic you have to drive the hook through and I'd feel better with just a touch more hook.  I then tried it as a jerkbait and found the bait sank in a perfect horizontal position and flashed nicely with some twitches of the rod tip. 

I managed to miss two more with this retrieve which were definitely operator errors.  I was more intent on playing with my new toy than actually fishing and was asleep at the switch both times.  As I fished my way around the pond, I was disappointed I wasn't catching more fish and began to get disillusioned with my new lures and I started to experiment with some old favorites and never got another bite.  All of a sudden, I was quite pleased with my Tomahawk as that was the only thing I threw that afternoon that drew a strike.  The versatility of this lure is impressive and I'm anxious to try some other methods such as using a weighted swimbait hook for deeper presentations and I think it's action on a Carolina rig will be absolutely sick!  Had I had the time, I bet I could have caught some of those short strikers if I had thrown the Ripper that day.  Those are the thoughts that keep us going back time after time.  Wouldn't have it any other way!

Because this company is brand new, their website isn't working yet and you might have some problems tracking down their products at first, but it's well worth the wait.

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