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Jack Huggins Benefit Tournament


This message  was sent from Jack and read to the anglers prior to take-off.

During my illness I have watched a dream catcher dangle before me...........

When an Indian goes to battle a tribe accompanies them. That stands shoulder to shoulder and defends honor and love. This Indian has suited up with armor as I AM in Warrior Mode; I am prepared to fight the good fight.  I am overwhelmed, as this "tribe" has come to go to battle with me.  

                 An ancient Tuscaroran tradition
                 The dream net has been made
                 for many generations
                 where spirit dreams have played.

                  Hung above the cradleboard,
                  Or in the lodge up high,
                  the dream net catches bad dreams,
                  while good dreams slip on by.

                   Bad dreams become entangled
                  among the sinew thread.
                  Good dreams slip through the center hole,
                   while you dream upon your bed.

                 This is an ancient legend,
                  since dreams will never cease,
                  as this dream net hangs above my bed,
                  I dream on, and am at peace.

 Now as you head out on the water today, I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for joining this tribe as I fight the good fight.  Start your engines, but don’t forget to send a little extra love down the line.  You may just find the bass that will fight the good fight like mine.... Let's give these bass something to bite about.

While you go out today and fish this tournament, know that my heart will be riding in the boat with each of you. As I sit here with my dream catcher dangling.

Warrior "Trader Jack" Huggins

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