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 Unfortunately, a cold front moved through and had most of the fish afflicted with the lock jaw, so things looked grim from the get go.  Being that we were down in the area with family and friends for a short getaway we could only go out on Thursday morning….thus limiting us even more. First, we decided to stick to the Everglades since we were the closest to that area and that would make for more time fishing.  Second, we hired a great guide named John Pate.  John met up with us early Thursday morning and took us out to the Holy Lands in the Everglades for some bass fishing.

The air temperature at launch (7:15 a.m.) was a chilly (in South Florida) 49F and after a brief brisk ride up the canal we reached John’s desired location and started fishing using various Carolina rigged Tuscaroran soft plastics and one line trolled behind the boat with a shiner.  All of us had numerous opportunities to catch some fish, and we missed more than we caught, but we did get a few to the boat.

It was still a tough day (by South Florida fishing standards), we ended the 4 hour trip with 6 bass among us, all but one caught on the Tuscaroran plastics, with the biggest being this 6 pound 14 oz. largemouth caught on a Tuscaroran 10 inch Thunder Stix.

Cherokee Ripper



I was so impressed with the Tuscaroran Pro Lures Plastics,  I went over to their facility in nearby Margate and checked out their warehouse(  Tuscaroran is an up and coming lure company started by two super nice guys to help them catch bigger fish by making there own baits.  The Cherokee Rippers and the Thunder Stix are a secret of the South Florida pros to catch the monster bass.  Several pros used these baits on the pro tournament trails this year including at least one of the Bassmaster Classic qualifers ( The Tomahawks are also one of the hottest plastics being used on the latest technique, the Alabama Rigs.  Come by the store and check out the selection of these baits I was able to bring back.  We are the only dealer around the area with these at the moment.  We have a limited stock right now but with the warm winter weather and spring on the horizon, they have already started to move fast.  We enjoyed the glades so much the next morning we went on an hour long airboat ride across the flats exploring some of the more remote locations in the everglades.

The everglades are a very peaceful place full of abundant wildlife and peaceful surroundings. Check out our airboat video on youtube here (  If you’re ever in South Florida I highly recommend talking to John “King Of The Everglades” Pate ( for any fishing you might want to do.