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I certainly can attest that Tuscaroran Pro Lures’ Hawk Jig  has been my friend on tournament days. My favorite is the Black Blue color pattern. The Hawk jig works well as a swim jig as well as a traditional jig. Anglers do yourself a favor and make new friends with a Hawk Jigs from Tuscaroran Pro Lures.

My partner Dan and I competed in the Fishers of Men District 6 Championship, held at Atchafalaya Basin in Berwick, LA. We struggled on Day 1 of the tournament. We had a lot of ground to make up on Day 2. I left the Hummingbird fish/depth finder in the truck, which made our job even more difficult.

With both of our hearts amped up and pumping pure adrenaline, we caught our 5 fish limit. I cast the Hawk jig all day. We didn't win the tournament, but we finished in 20th place. We finished in grand style by winning the Big Fish of day 2; a whopping 4.51 pounder...thanks to the Hawk jig. Talk about sweet!

Never give up folks!

 "Get the net!"

Brandon Scott, Angler

South Louisiana 

 brandon edited

They say “seeing is believing”. Every word of that is true. I am speaking of the versatilityand function of the Tuscaroran Tomahawks. I have been throwing these baits for some time now, and they never cease  to amaze me in both function and form. First, I would like to talk about the function of these fantastic swim baits. The tail is unique from most other swim baits by today's standards. The tail is not the typical paddle tail. It is a C-tail with a small hole placed in the middle to give off more vibration, action, and turbulence while coming through the water column. Next is the unique color patterns, most swim baits are made to represent a bait fish of some sort, not the Tomahawk, need a green pumpkin swim bait for dirty water? They have it. Of all the colors available you cannot go wrong. Attention to detail was clearly used in designing these baits. Next is the function; versatility is what every angler wants, and these give more than that! Twitch it like a jerk bait, swim it in open water, count it down to deep water fish on a weighted hook, slow roll it on the top like a buzz bait, drop shot it, Texas rig it… you get the idea. You cannot go wrong with any type of presentation. Personally I like it weightless on a 6/0 EWG wide gap hook, with this, I can do several of the previously mentioned techniques. The theory, seeing is believing is not a theory, its a fact! Until you throw a Tuscaroran Tomahawk, you will just see and not believe.

Hello Mr. Jack & Mr. Earl!

Attached is a picture of me holding a three pound spotted bass that I caught. What makes this catch so unusual is that it was caught on the hardest ranked lake in the state of Alabama. This lake is only 7 miles long, and very deep, 200+ at it’s deepest, the water clarity is usually around 20 ft. Most of the time when we go to fish this lake its usually to just take the boat out for a joy ride! The weekly 5 fish tournament that is held on this lake only takes four pounds to win it. In the last week I have been out there twice and not caught a fish (usually a 5 hour trip). Well Scotty and I received your AMAZING stick baits and decided to go out there and try out their action and see how they looked coming through the water, not expecting to catch a fish based on water conditions, and just how hard the lake is. Well we pretty much got slapped in the face! The picture of this fish was caught off of what I would call a green pumpkin seed stick bait worked slowly, and lo and behold how amazing they worked on this Dead Sea as it is called! With our short two hour trip we managed to catch 5 fish (all tournament length) on these wonderful green pumpkin stick baits! We are really excited to see how they perform at a better lake, and are greatly anticipating the arrival of the other products that ya'll are coming out with!  But so far WE have both seen great catches off the Tomahawk/swim bait, and the stick baits!!!! Not to mention the great colors and scents! Its almost as if the fish come to the bait as soon as it hits the water!

Thanks! Evan Reid


“Simply the most fish agitating noise I have ever heard" "no wonder Tuscaroran are my favorite lures.“ “They are designed to catch fish, not fishermen" " Ain’t a fish safe!" “Throw out your tackle box, this is all you need" "loud, rude, and obnoxious....I love em" “Mr. bass these lures are gonna send you to that great big live well in the sky“






-Capt. Chuck Ward, Marine Biologist


The saying is true “IF YOU WANT TO CATCH BIG FISH YOU GOT TO USE BIG BAITS”. The 10 and 16 inch worms and stick baits from Tuscaroran Pro-Lures has definitely kept me on top of my game. For a bait to be so big it has a slow and methodical fall that simply antagonizes big bass. And when they eat it ,they really eat it.




-Kevin Thomas