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Drop Shot for Finicky Bass in Cold Weather

When the temperature drops, so do the fish. Or at least go to their desired temperature zone. Whether you’re fishing for largemouth , spots, or smallies, there is one tactic that will effectively catch all three species: the drop shot. Drop shotting is effective, easy and a good way to catch or cull fish. All that is needed is a 6’6" medium action spinning rod and reel spooled with eight to ten pound fluorocarbon.

Simply attach a weight a few inches below the hook. Use a simple number 1 or 2 hook rigged with a Tuscaroran Cherokee Ripper hooked in between the eyes. In colder weather the fish will likely hold to deeper structures, such as ledges, underwater humps, roadbeds, points, and deeper standing timber. Simply position the boat over the desired structure and drop the rig over the side, with a vertical presentation.

Once the weight hits the bottom simply twitch the end of the rod tip to give the Cherokee Ripper a dancing minnow effect, careful to keep the weight on the bottom. With a broad range of colors it's up to you to select the desired fish-attracting color. You just simply cannot go wrong with Tuscaroran Pro-Lures.