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“Our mission is to provide world-class custom fishing lures and related products to professional and recreational fishermen and women who fish; and to teach our young people the art of fishing and how to enjoy and help preserve and conserve our natural resources.”



After a heart attack in February 2000, Earl Carswell set out intentionally to find a way to help manage the stress of being a Sales Manager in the telecommunications industry. His friend and neighbor Jack Huggins had already found the way to make it happen…fishing! Jack’s regular phone calls and visits became a vital part of Earl’s rehabilitation. The two desired to fish more and they did, once Earl was strong enough. It didn’t take long for them to realize that fishing was great but catching was even better. They sought ways to make their favorite lures more productive.

After receiving advice from a friend, they began making their own molds and making their own lures.  They began making lures that targeted bigger bass. By now they had purposed to catch an 18 pound largemouth bass, a state record in Florida. They began catching more fish and bigger fish during their outings.

Through word of mouth, news spread about their lures being truly effective in producing larger fish. Lures were given to friends who began regularly winning their club tournaments and regional open tournaments. Soon the demand for their lures outgrew their ability to make them in the garage. Thus was the birth of “Pro-Lures”. The products have proven to be effective in catching largemouth, smallmouth, spotted and striped bass. They have also been producing outstanding results with redfish,snook, dolphin, tarpon, cobia, sea trout and other saltwater species.

During a visit to North Carolina, Jack’s home state, Earl learned of the Tuscarorans and his relationship to them. They are a Native American tribe with a strong legacy as fierce fighters and defenders of their way of life. (For more information see “The Tuscarora War”, in American history.) It was decided to add “Tuscaroran” to the name to honor Jack’s ancestors the Tuscarorans.

We know that we are stewards of the earth. We practice and encourage catch and release. Please leave your fishing location better than you found it.

We believe that God has a plan for each of our lives and you are a part of it. We believe in “intentional living” … which is to fulfill our purpose and to help others find theirs.

"We give 'em something to bite about!"