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South Florida Fun

SOUTH FLORIDA FUN - By Mark Mahaffey

by RiverBlade - January 12th, 2012

So if you’re like me you have probably seen one of these fishing shows with some guy bass fishing around grass and lily pads, somewhere in South Florida (Lake Okeechobee, Everglades, Stick Marsh), and thought that someday you had to try that out.  Well this past Thursday Riverblade regulars, Kevin, Eddie, and I did just that, and let me tell you…it was an exciting experience. 

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Jack Huggins Benefit Tournament

The Jack Huggins Benefit Tournament was held January 7, 2011 at Everglades Holiday Park. The event was well attended as the local fishing community gave its support. There was a raffle and a cookout after the weigh-in.

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ICast Sport Fishing Trade Show

Tuscaroran Pro Lures. will be attending the The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST), the world’s largest sportfishing trade show . TPL will be offering Dealer and Distributor opportunities for their exciting new line soft plastic lures. Please come visit us at ICAST to see our innovative line of fresh water lures.

For more information, please contact Jack Huggins at 954 242-5046 or Earl Carswell at 954 344-1499

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Program Sponsors & Partners

TUSCARORAN PRO LURES achieves its mission by forming partnerships with businesses and individuals who care about enhancing the lives of children and adults through sport fishing. Our projects are designed to be interactive and facilitate open communication. Participants will enhance their skill levels, develop a global awareness, and become better stewards of our natural resources.


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Pro Lures

I'm willing to bet not one person that reads these articles has every heard of this company.  That's because 4 weeks before the ICAST show, the 2 partners were still making the lures in the President's garage using some old microwaves to melt the plastic.  These guys never intended on becoming a lure company; they started making lures to give themselves an edge on the highly competitive Florida tournament circuit.  Despite their best efforts to hide, people started hearing about their successes and began beating a path to their door. 


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